The Clothing Room is a distribution program that provides infants, children, women, and men used clothing at no charge. Shoes and household items are also often available.  Our Clothing Room volunteers sort the clothing and household items to ensure it meets the standards for cleanliness or signs of excessive wear. With the help from a generous community merchandise changes daily.  Due to space restrictions, we really must be strict in keeping to only essential needs and a high standard of quality.

Purpose: To provide donated clothing and household goods at no charge.

Clothing Room

The Clothing Room is designed to provide individuals and families in need with good used quality and sometimes name brand clothing to those living in Cambridge and North Dumfries.

Our clothing room provides clothing for infants, children men and women. Items available vary on a daily basis depending on what donations are received. Used clothing and small household items are available free of charge at the food bank during regular business hours.

A dedicated team of volunteers sort donations and are available to assist you if you need it.

We are able to accept gently used, clean seasonal clothing for the Clothing Room can be dropped off at the Food Bank during normal business hours.

Please note:  March to August we are in need of Spring and Summer clothing.

August to March we are in need of Fall and Winter clothing.

We can not store out of season clothing due to lack of space at the Food Bank.

Career Clothing Closet

The Career Clothing Closet is designed to provide business, office wear and career clothing to individuals seeking employment, job searching, funerals, weddings or other such events that require a not so casual outfit.

Donations for the Career Clothing Closet can be dropped off at the Food Bank during normal business hours, Please indicate to the staff and or volunteer if this is for the Career Clothing Closet.