Donate Food

How can you help?  

Food drives are vital in providing a major source of staple food products. However, food donations play a critical role throughout the entire year in helping to keep our shelves stocked. During the summer months the Food Bank must often purchase food in order to maintain our level of support to clients. We hope that you will partner with us to promote healthier food choices for our neighbours in need. Donate foods that you eat, and food you would feed your family. Whenever possible, please donate fresh, local, and seasonal food.

Donations can be dropped off at:

  • Our Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank Office (54 Ainslie Street South)
  • Local grocery store bins throughout Cambridge.
  • We can provide support to businesses, faith groups, and community organizations to organize food drives at any time of the year. Please contact Jeff at to find out more about 

 Since its establishment in 1985, the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank has been helping people in need throughout the Cambridge and North Dumfries communities. Thankfully, our community has responded generously by donating food, money, and volunteer hours to help us meet the growing needs of families and individuals experiencing hunger.  Reaching our food drive goals would not be possible without the many individuals, churches, grocery stores, fire halls, agencies, and businesses that generously support our Spring and Fall Food Drives. We could not help so many people every year without your help and support!