How do I become a volunteer at the Food Bank?

Volunteers are asked to fill out a volunteer application form and sign a confidentiality waiver. The applicant will then be given a tour and orientation of the Food Bank. We will then work together to find a position suitable for the volunteer as well as the Food Bank. Please note that not all applicants will be accepted as it may depend on position availability and the correct fit for the position to volunteer.

What are the hours of voluteering?

Volunteers are able to help out any time during our hours of operation. We are currently open Monday and Tuesday 12noon-4:30pm, Wednesday and Friday 9am-4:30pm and Thursdays from 9am-6:30pm. Please note that due to short staff on Thursday evenings we tend to have our volunteers until 4:30pm.

Your hours don’t work for me, do I have another option?

Yes, we do schedule groups during the evening or weekends if that suites the corporate, church or social group better. We also have after hours volunteering during our high seasons, for example Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Can I choose my volunteer job?

I do try to work with each individual / group to insure you have a position that works well for you and for us. Please keep in mind that not all positions are available during the year as some are seasonal.

Do I have a scheduled time to come in?

Yes, if you have signed on to help out you will have a scheduled time to come in. That could be once on a weekly basis, one time per year – if you’re a group looking to help out a special event, whatever the job may be.

What is the maximum group size I can bring in?

This depends on the volunteer activity, as space and location may be an issue if the group is helping offsite or a smaller room within the Food Bank. If your group in sorting donations in the warehouse we are able to accommodate a maximum of 15 volunteers.

I am a student; can I do my hours with the Food Bank?

Yes, students are welcome to get there hours through the Food Bank. Please look under student opportunities for current and upcoming positions.


School groups looking to help out.

School groups are more than welcome to come in for a tour and activity. Please contact me and I will be able to make arrangements with you.

What is your dress code?

We suggest volunteers wear comfortable casual clothing and foot wear. No open toed shoes or sleeveless tops are allowed. Depending on the time of year layers may be a good idea if you are working in our warehouse and it does get cool. We also suggest you leave any valuables at home as the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank is not responsible for any missing personal belongings. Purses can be left behind the front desk in our reception area