Tax Receipting Guidelines

As a registered charity, Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank has the ability to issue official donation receipts that provide donors with a tax deduction or tax credits. Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank is happy to issue tax receipts as long as Canada Revenue Agency’s guidelines for issuing charitable receipts are adhered to. To issue a tax receipt, the donor’s full name and mailing address must be provided. When a tax receipt is issued it can only be issued to the actual donor, it cannot be assigned to someone else. Donations of funds in the amount of $10 or more are eligible for an income tax receipt issued by CSHFB in the calendar year they are received.

What gifts are eligible for a tax receipt?

  • Cash gifts which have been freely given, not as the result of a contractual or other obligation. A tax receipt will be issued for the full value of the gift except in cases where the donor has received an advantage.
  • Gifts of property (e.g. computers, office furniture). A tax receipt for fair market value will be provided.

What are NOT ELIGIBLE for a tax receipt?

  • Gifts of service. In cases where a service is donated, the Food Bank will pay the fee for the service. The service provider will then donate the fee back as a cash donation which can then be receipted.
  • Gift of property where a fair market value cannot be established.
  • Gift certificates donated by the issuer. A court ordered donation. Payment for raffle or lottery tickets.
  • Gifts made from other not-for-profit organizations.
  • Sponsorship payments are not eligible as they receive a promotional benefit, product or rights as a result of their contribution. Business receipts are used to acknowledge these types of donations.

What if I lose my tax receipt?

If a tax receipt is reported lost, a duplicate receipt will be issued.

What is considered an advantage?

An advantage is when a donor received something in return for his or her gift. Examples of advantages include:

  • Dinner at a fundraising event
  • Ticket to an event
  • Physical items received in return for the donation.

For all information with regards to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, please refer to www.cra-arc.gc/tax/charities