Support Programs

Grandparents Group

This group focuses on paternal or maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members who have assumed responsibility for raising an immediate family member. The group provides an opportunity for participants to share information, practical tips for daily living and encouragement about issues related to what may be an unexpected parenting role taken on later in life.

Monthly meetings include dinner and a children’s program with peer to peer support.

Purpose: To provide support for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Other kinship families are also welcome.

Peer Programs

Purpose: “The Peer Program is a Region of Waterloo Public Health initiative that aims to build community and individual capacity using peer programs. There are two components within the Peer Program: the Community Nutrition Worker (CNW) component which focuses on healthy eating and nutrition, and the Peer Health Worker (PHW) component which focuses on child and family health.”

The CSHFB currently hosts the Community Nutrition program which offers Infant Nutrition, Make and Takes and support for the Senior’s Lunch. These programs are offered on a rotating schedule each Tuesday of the month. The Peer Health worker offers weekly workshops on healthy parenting and family relationships.

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Program offers support to members of the food bank community in times of need and educates the broader community about spiritual and personal needs of those living in poverty.  This program encourages the inclusion of all cultural and faith groups that come to the Food Bank.

In response to often distressing fears of being in poverty the Spiritual Care Provider will offer 1:1 personal support as well as a host of events including grief support groups, visiting people in hospital and a listening presence.    One of the big issues faced by people living in poverty and challenging times is that of hopelessness and feelings of loneliness.   Hope is a commodity that gives courage and encouragement.
Purpose: To provide members of the food bank community support in times of need and to educate the broader community about the spiritual and personal need of those people living in poverty.